How much GOV.UK PaaS costs and how to pay

When you use GOV.UK PaaS, you will just pay for the resources you use.

These resources are:

  • the application memory needed to run your service
  • the databases or other data storage that we can provide for your service

You can adjust the amount of resources you are using at any time, depending on what you need. You can visit our marketplace to see what backing services are available and use our pricing calculator to estimate the costs of hosting your service on GOV.UK PaaS.

Calculate the costs

The price we charge includes a 10% service fee to cover the internal overhead of procuring and making these resources available to you, and making sure the platform complies with information assurance standards.

included in this price are:

How to pay

When you start using the paid service, we will ask you to estimate your annual spend and send us a purchase order. After that we will send you regular invoices.

The table below shows how often we will send you an invoice, which depends on how much you spend.

You will start paying from your first full month of use.

Billable amount per monthBilling frequency
Less than £1000Yearly
£1000 to £5000Every 6 months
More than £5000Quarterly

Paying with a Government Procurement Card

If you expect your annual bill to be less than £500, you will also have the option to pay via a Government Procurement Card and would not need to raise a purchase order.

Paying for GOV.UK PaaS for use in the Cabinet Office

If you are using GOV.UK PaaS in the Cabinet Office then we will arrange to account for the cost through an accounting journal raised by the GDS Finance Business Partner with the Finance Business Partner in your business area. This will require prior approval from your budget holder.