Host your service in the Cloudwith GOV.UK Platform as a service (PaaS)

If you work in the public sector, use GOV.UK PaaS to host your service without worrying about infrastructure.

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Deploy applications without infrastructure specialists

You can get something up on the Internet in minutes, without depending on a webops team.

The GOV.UK PaaS team manages the underlying platform, so you can:

  • make the best use of your developers' time
  • focus your budget on your applications

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Meet the demands of your users

As your service grows, GOV.UK PaaS lets you instantly:

  • spin up new apps
  • scale existing ones to meet demand
  • add backing services (like PostgreSQL and Redis databases)

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Resilient and secure

GOV.UK PaaS is designed to meet the needs of government teams working on public-facing services:

  • UK hosted
  • We aim for 99.95% uptime for your applications and you can view historical performance
  • It offers 24-hour platform-level support
  • It's possible to test an application in the trial period free of charge
  • The technology runs on an IA-accredited infrastructure, so times for app accreditation are generally faster

Read more about how we keep GOV.UK PaaS secure

Supported 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

by the team that builds it

GOV.UK PaaS is built and managed by a full-time team of developers, webops engineers, product managers and user researchers at GDS.

The team provides 24/7 support for any platform-related issue.

If your team is experiencing any issue using the platform we can provide assistance during office hours.

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Trusted by teams across the public sector

Services from across the public sector are already using GOV.UK PaaS, including Trade Tariff, GOV.UK Notify, Digital Marketplace,, BEIS Primary Authority Register, Teaching Vacancies, Flying drones and model aircraft and the Energy Performance of Buildings Register.

If you work in the public sector and need to host a service, you can sign up to GOV.UK PaaS and get started straight away.

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