How GOV.UK PaaS is supported

GOV.UK PaaS is supported 24 hours a day, seven days a week by the team that builds it. Response times and resolutions vary depending on the service status.

You can view the availability and database connectivity of live applications on GOV.UK PaaS on our system status page. If you have a critical issue, start by checking this page: if it’s an issue with GOV.UK PaaS we’re already working on it, and we’ll keep our users updated on the progression of the incident.

Support during working hours

Our office hours are 9am - 5pm Monday to Friday. You can email us at to:

  • report issues and incidents
  • get help using GOV.UK PaaS

We prioritise fixing issues with the platform over answering user queries, and support for live services over support for services in development. For more information on how we respond to requests, you can look at our technical documentation.

Support outside of working hours

Between 5pm and 9am on Monday to Friday, at weekends and during Bank Holidays we provide emergency support for critical incidents affecting live production services. A critical incident is where:

  • your application is unavailable due to a problem with our platform
  • you can’t make a critical upgrade to your application because the GOV.UK PaaS API isn’t available
  • you are experiencing a critical issue with your application that you cannot resolve without help from the platform team.

We’ll start working on the issue within 40 minutes and email you to let you know. We’ll address anything that is not a critical incident the next working day.

If GOV.UK PaaS shows as working and you have a critical issue outside of working hours, please use the emergency email address you have been given. This will raise a high priority ticket which could alert us during the night, so it should only be used for critical P1 incidents. Please do not share this email address with people outside of your team.

Response and resolution times for services in production

We address incidents, issues and requests within the timeframes detailed below:

Classification Example In hours Out of hours
  • Applications are unavailable to end users due to a problem with our platform
  • Serious security breach on the platform
  • You can't make a critical fix to your production app due to the PaaS API not being available
  • Your live production app has a P1 issue which cannot be resolved without help from us

Start work & respond: 20 minutes

Update time: 1hr

Start work & respond: 40 minutes

Update time: 1hr

  • Can't update/push apps due to platform issue
  • Upstream vulnerabilities in GOV.UK PaaS components
  • Elevated error rates on the GOV.UK PaaS platform
  • Complete failure of a GOV.UK PaaS component
  • Substantial degradation of the GOV.UK PaaS service

Start work & respond: 30 minutes

Update time: 2hr

  • Users (platform users or end users) experiencing intermittent or degraded service due to platform issue.

Start work & respond: 2 hours

Update time: 4 hours

  • Component failure that is not immediately impacting on service

Start work & respond: 1 business day

Update time: 2 business days

Please do not share this email address with people outside of your team.

Escalate support requests

If we are not handling your request for support in the way you would expect, please contact a member of the product team, who will reply during working hours:

Tom Dolan, senior product manager -
Jess O'Leary, product manager -

Outside of working hours, please use the escalation contact details you have been sent.

Updates and announcements

Our system status page shows if live applications and databases are available. You can use this page to sign up to get alerts and incident updates.

Join our announcements mailing list to find out about new features and changes to the platform. If you have trouble signing up, please contact and we will add you manually.