Request a GOV.UK PaaS account

If your team is already using GOV.UK PaaS and you would like a user account, ask your org manager to send you an account invitation.

Org managers administer the account and assign roles and permissions.

Users with non-government email addresses can be added to an account at the request of an org manager.

If you don't know who the org manager is please contact support.

Service teams on GOV.UK PaaS own and use an account called an `organisation.`

New accounts are created on our London platform. If you require hosting in Ireland please get in contact.

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Your organisation

Will you be a manager of this organisation?

Organisations are controlled by ‘org managers’ who are responsible for administering the account and assigning roles and permissions to users within the organisation

Invite users to your organisation

Users who aren’t org managers can deploy code but won’t be able to administer the account.

Would you like to invite additional users now? We recommend each ‘organisation’ has at least two ‘org managers’
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