Roadmap for GOV.UK PaaS

We want to build GOV.UK PaaS to be useful for service teams across government. This roadmap is a rough indication of what we’re planning to build in the near, medium and long-term based on what users have told us they need.

If you would like to find out more about these plans, or you have feedback on whether or not these features are useful for you, please get in touch. We are also keen for private beta partners on forthcoming features.

You can also see what GOV.UK PaaS offers right now, or walk through a full onboarding and development journey.


This roadmap is a guide and may change from month to month.

July 2017

  • MySQL
  • MongoDB backing - private beta

August 2017

  • Elasticsearch - private beta
  • MongoDB - public beta
  • Custom buildpacks
  • Improved 'getting started' guides

September 2017

  • Self-service password resets
  • Self-service account creation
  • Redis - private beta

October to December 2017

  • Self-service user management and usage reports
  • Cost calculator
  • Elasticsearch and Redis - public beta
  • Private (non-internet-facing) applications*
  • Logging and monitoring alpha/private beta


  • UK-based GOV.UK PaaS instance
  • RabbitMQ
  • Logging and monitoring - public beta
  • Billing portal
  • Private Docker images
  • VM isolation*
  • File storage

* = dependent on upstream developments by Cloud Foundry Foundation

Experimental features

The following features have been introduced as an Alpha, to get user feedback and gain insight into stability. We would not recommend that any services in live operation adopt these features as they may be revoked should there be significant issues. Wherever possible, we will provide four weeks notice to tenants if an Alpha feature is to be discontinued.

Docker support for public images

Cloud Foundry supports pushing a public Docker image as an application. This is currently enabled as an experimental feature, to enable the platform and our tenants to explore it further. Please note that the usual 12-factor principles apply, and Docker images should not be used for persistent storage.

We hope to expand our support for Docker images in the future. If you would like to discuss your needs in this area, please contact our support team, and let us know why.

Requested features

Below are the features we’ve been asked about but are not planning to develop right now, and why.


This has not been a substantial need for many tenants to date. However we are monitoring the market and keen to see how this space develops.

Anti-virus scanning on uploads

This is currently only a need for one tenant with low traffic, and an alternative solution has been found. Should more services have this need we may reprioritise.