Starting using GOV.UK PaaS

Anyone with a government email address can have a GOV.UK PaaS trial account.

To request an account, contact us at and tell us:

  • the name of your department and service team (if applicable)
  • email addresses of the people who should have a GOV.UK PaaS account
  • the people who should administer the account and assign roles and permissions (Org managers). Ideally, you should have at least two Org managers per account.

You can use our Quick setup guide to get started and deploy a test application.

Joining an existing GOV.UK PaaS account

If your team is already using GOV.UK PaaS and you would like a user account, ask an Org Manager on your team to contact us and make a request.

Users with non-government email addresses can be added to an account at the request of an Org Manager.

Your privacy

We need to store data about you to provide your account. See our privacy policy for details.