Get started with GOV.UK PaaS

Evaluate GOV.UK PaaS

Check our features and pricing

Make sure we currently support the language, framework and backing services you need. Our public development roadmap lists the features planned for release in the coming months.

You can also find out how our pricing works and estimate your monthly costs.

If you need more information to support your evaluation, please get in contact with us.

Request a free trial account

GOV.UK PaaS offers a 3 month trial period with a set of basic features and a capped quota of compute and storage.

During this period you can test the majority of the features, including:

  • managing user accounts
  • creating and managing environments
  • deploying and running apps
  • using trial-sized editions of our backing services

Keep in mind that you can't use the trial version of the platform for production or live services.

Contact us to request an account

When you request an account you can invite as many team members as you need and choose the ones who'll be in charge of managing users. They'll be able to request more user accounts, including ones for external suppliers, and assign roles and permissions.

Push your first app

Once we set up your account and you have installed the Cloud Foundry CLI, you can access GOV.UK PaaS, set a password and start using the platform straight away. Our get started guide will help you deploy a static site to test your connection and then push some sample code, use the marketplace to request backing services like databases, and set up multiple environments and a development pipeline.

Support during your trial

Check the documentation to troubleshoot common problems. If you can't find a solution our team can help during office hours. Contact us through our support page.

Start using a paid quota

To access full platform features or to use GOV.UK PaaS for production or live services, you will need to be on a paid quota.

To start using a paid quota, your organisation will need to sign a Crown or non-Crown Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Government Digital Service, depending on the type of organisation the service belongs to. Contact us to find out if your organisation has signed an MOU, or to get a copy.

Once your department has signed an MOU, you will need to: