Features, use and support of GOV.UK PaaS

GOV.UK PaaS is a robust, secure and highly available platform to deploy and manage both live and prototype applications.

You can use it to host applications written in these languages:

  • Go
  • Node.js
  • Java (and other JVM-based languages such as Scala)
  • PHP
  • Python
  • Ruby


  • a static HTML/CSS/Javascript site
  • a compiled binary

You can provision a PostgreSQL or MySQL database and bind it to your application. MongoDB is available in private beta, with other backing services to follow.

The GOV.UK PaaS team are responsible for maintaining the infrastructure, operating systems and language runtimes to make sure your applications stay secure.

How it’s built

GOV.UK PaaS is built using the open source Cloud Foundry project and runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS). You don’t have to interact with AWS directly. You can deploy and manage your applications through Cloud Foundry commands.

GOV.UK PaaS is scalable depending on your application's load. We use zero downtime deploys, so upgrades to the PaaS won't interfere with the running of your application.

Applications running on the platform are isolated from each other so they can’t read or change each other's code, data or logs.

How you can use GOV.UK PaaS

GOV.UK PaaS is designed to be self-service, so you have complete control over deploying and managing your applications. This allows your application developers to work and iterate quickly and allows the PaaS team to focus on improving the platform itself.

Application teams manage all of the components that relate to your application, such as user-facing front end applications, back end APIs, supporting backing services (such as databases and caches), scheduled tasks and application security. It is also easy to ship application logs to a logging infrastructure of your choice.

GOV.UK PaaS manages the platform components involved with hosting, such as infrastructure, platform-level logging and monitoring, provisioning backing services, securing the infrastructure and ensuring the platform is highly available.

To interact with GOV.UK PaaS you use the Cloud Foundry command line. There’s a quick setup guide on how to do this.

GOV.UK PaaS future plans

Our team is working on adding more features to GOV.UK PaaS, such as adding Redis and Elasticsearch as backing services, and enabling self-service SSL certificate management. Any new features are prioritised according to what users across government need.

Read the GOV.UK PaaS roadmap to find out more about how the PaaS will develop.

How GOV.UK PaaS is supported

GOV.UK PaaS is supported by the PaaS team’s web ops engineers, so the same specialists building the platform are the ones who'll diagnose and fix any problems with the infrastructure that might affect your application.

We now provide support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Contact the GOV.UK PaaS team

Contact us to find out more about how GOV.UK PaaS is built and how you can use it.